The Center For Eating Disorders Managment, Inc


360 Route 101 Ste 10, Bedford , NH - 03110

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Amherst Auburn Brookline Candia Chester Derry Goffstown Hollis Hooksett Hudson Litchfield Londonderry Merrimack Milford Mont Vernon Nashua New Boston Pelham Raymond Sandown Weare Wilton Windham

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Karen S Johnson LICSW

135 State Route 101A , Amherst , NH - 03031
Phone: 603-595-8555
Specialty: Clinical

Mrs. Patricia Sonya Zsofka MSW LICSW

82 A Ponemah Rd , Amherst , NH - 03031
Phone: 603-478-0053
Specialty: Clinical

Ms. Susan R Nykamp LICSW

31 Old Nashua Rd , Amherst , NH - 03031
Phone: 603-491-2705
Specialty: Clinical


Maureen E Malone LICSW

16 ROUTE 111 BUILDING 2 SUITE 5, Derry , NH - 03038
Phone: 603-818-6288
Specialty: Clinical

Dr. Albert A Shigo LICSW PhD

6 Londonderry Road , Derry , NH - 03038
Phone: 603-370-0972
Specialty: Clinical

Richard Charles Donovan MSW ACSW LIDSW

4 Birchs Derry Counseling Services, Derry , NH - 03038
Phone: 603-434-5672
Specialty: Clinical

Barbara Nesbitt

10 Tsienneto Rd , Derry , NH - 03038
Phone: 603-434-1577
Specialty: Clinical

Elizabeth Halloran

10 Tsienneto Rd , Derry , NH - 03038
Phone: 603-434-1577
Specialty: Clinical


Mary L Harrington MSW,LICSW,BCD

10 Meadowcrest Rd , Hooksett , NH - 03106
Phone: 603-644-2611
Specialty: Clinical
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